Common sense, put into common practice, with rigor

  • REAL: know who you are and who your ideal client is
  • RETAIN: keep your key clients and grow potential key clients to the next level
  • RECLAIM: go after your inactive clients of value and win them back
  • RAIN: target strategic new clients that meet your ideal client profile
  • RELATE: make sure everyone in your organization knows everything you do
  • REACH OUT: network with your key clients asking them for referrals
  • REPUTATION: continually build your reputation through your brand
  • REFLECT: evaluate metrics to ascertain success

At Quad 2 . . .

we help you prioritize and, more importantly, find the time for these Quad 2 activities. We take this common-sense idea and put a rigorous and manageable solution in place for you – turning common sense into common practice, with rigor!


Diane Cullen-Levin


Diane understands most professionals get into their chosen field to practice it, and then find out to advance their career they have to sell.

For the first two decades of her career, Diane worked as a Project Manager for various multinational firms in the fields of architecture, real estate and construction. When she founded her own architectural firm in 1991 her focus turned to creating strong client relationships. It was clear that relationships with each client mattered as much as the great work the firm was producing.

Since 2007, Diane has been helping firms - in both North America and the United Kingdom - implement successful client-focused strategies.

“I had always performed well as a Project Manager and when I was running my own architectural firm I realized how much trust clients were putting into us to design and manage to their budget. That trust was earned through our competent work, and through our great relationships with those clients. Stephen Covey calls this your “emotional bank account.” We were always putting “deposits” into our clients' emotional bank accounts.

We trained our staff on the emotional bank account and this led to 80% of our work coming from repeat clients or client referrals.”